Monday, 29 July 2013

Mutha Tucka and IDa4

For his wild creativity and larger-than-life appearance, we would like you to meet a friend of F6.Studios the fabulously bitchy Mutha Tucka. His outrageous costumes, candy-floss wigs and inspired make-up ensure he stands out from the crowd even in Newcastle's LBGT scene where, the most colourful of characters congregate.

Many of his costumes have been made at F6.Studios, fashioned from the most unexpected materials. He has been known to create a dress from several luminous safety jackets and dissect numerous barbie dolls to create fabulous accessories. He is a one of a kind and a truly inspiring character.

One of our artists here at the studios, Chris Fleming (of IDa4) has featured Mutha Tucka alongside a range of other colourful characters in his street art piece "The League of Extraordinary Wreckheads" at the bottom of Hotspur Street, Sandyford. Fleming is a talented spray and stencil artist whose work can be seen across Newcastle, including the top of Chillingham Road in Heaton, the Albatross Backpackers Inn and Barca Arts Cafe in Tynemouth. He also creates witty stencils that quote things such as 'I LOVE YOU MORE THAN GREGGS', an image of Mary carrying a Tesco carrier bag, and iconic sprayed vinyl discs.

Image credits to 'I AM VIP', Phillips Photography, Mutha Tucka and Chris Fleming.

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