Tuesday, 20 May 2014

F6.Studios at The Late Shows - Part 2

Hopefully by now you've all had the chance to see our amazing 'Night Owl' pictures taken at The Late Shows by innovative photographer Jon Meikle (if not check them out).

Our other event at The Late Shows was our F6.Studios marketplace. An eclectic showcase of designer-makers at F6.Studios, ranging from fashion and textiles to graphics and urban art. Here are some pictures taken at the event...

 F6.Studio collaboration for Fashion Front Row (Kahtash, Bayly, Bad Kitty, Galvan)

Urban artist Stu donning a foil fascinator

Simone on behalf of Dabble Dabble

Visitors looking at Dabble Dabble...

...and more from Dabble Dabble

Bobby's amazing artwork

Katy Prints showing visitors her Dad's illustrated children's books

Vinyl-printed t-shirts from Ethan Clothing and artwork by Regina

Katy Prints and Doodle and Scribble (Left to right)

Melanie Kyles tailored collars and cuffs

Full house!

THAT DRESS (F6.Studios collaboration) and Stu Borbjerg artwork

As you can see there's a real vibrant mix of talented works here and it was fantastic to show our work as a community. We hope you all enjoyed your merry night and didn't mix the bar with the tattoo chair, and that you left The Late Shows feeling inspired and thoroughly entertained!

To keep up to date with the latest from our designers, keep a check on this blog and the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/F6.Studios. 

To request a commission or to buy work from any of our designer-makers, please contact us through f6.studio@gmail.com.


The launch of McGaun's Touch Academy

Earlier in the month amidst the chaos of preparing for Newcastle Fashion Week, we headed down to Jury's Inn for the launch of 'McGaun's Touch Academy. The lady behind the brand, Charlotte McGaun, has turned her lifestyle into a career, combining a unique mix of fitness, health and beauty to help individuals reach their full potential. Having experienced and lived this herself, she carries this strong passion and belief into her work into helping others both physically and mentally.

When we first met Charlotte, she worked her way over to us, still buzzing from giving her presentation on the academy. With her sparkling eyes, glowing cheeks and slender frame, she's the perfect poster girl for the academy. We talked about how Herbalife and a balanced diet help keep her energy levels up, and how she had combined her lifestyle choices into her business in a unique way from her diet and exercise to telling us how the Arbonne make-up she uses has completely transformed her skin.

More recently, we caught up with Charlotte via chat to ask her more about her academy and what got her started...

F6.Studios Hi Charlotte how are you? Are you ready for your interview?

Charlotte McGaun 

- Hey love, yes I am 

F6 - Ok great! How is your business going since the launch?

CM - It really is going great; you know the night of the launch I already had people signed up to be an academy member, had people messaging me interest from all over UK, not just North East and it already made a magazine appearance in first 5 days, so really am delighted and lucky it has going very well and accepted already 


F6 - That's brilliant to see you're already off to a flying start! The launch had a really good turn out and it was great to see some pageant girls there too. As a model from a young age I can imagine it's important to look after your health and wellbeing, do you feel this is something that goes hand-in-hand with the industry?

CM - Thank you! Oh yes 110%, but unfortunately I do not think many people realise this. There is a lot more than what meets the eye underneath modelling. You need the best nutrition not only too look after your skin, hair and nails, but nutrition helps provide energy to cope with demand. Modelling is long hours, short breaks, so you need energy to keep going throughout the shoot, keep you hydrated, and keep your body internally working effectively and efficiently as possible; as well as providing yourself with confidence 24/7 of how you look and feel in your body. If you don't feel comfortable, it will shine through in photos.

F6 - I know it's definitely more work than meets the eye! It's really unique how your business offers the whole package so that clients can work on whichever area they feel need the most attention. Confidence in oneself is something many people strive for, and people like to feel great both inside and out! At your launch you introduced us to 100% natural make-up you use in your work as an MUA, what is it about Arbonne that makes it so special?

CM - Yes I wanted to help people not just through 1 aspect of their life and hope my academy shines that vision through...Ah Arbonne, where do I start ! It really is beauties best kept secret, and I could go on and on about all the reasons why I love it, but to put it in simplest terms, over time, if you really want to take care of yourself skin, gain confidence from hiding flaws, or whatever your reasoning behind why you put make up on every day - but do you really want a product to just cover up? Through my MUA course I realised no, make up is so much more then just covering your face to what look you are feeling that day, it is also about hydrating the skin, feeding the skin, having no toxins, and more science which people need to understand before placing on the face. Arbonne doesn't trick you, it does exactly what it says, it has the science behind it to back it; I had a bad experience last winter after 5 years of using a brand, and it was down to mineral oil from cosmetics and make up from the high street! Mineral oil is a toxin, and damages skin over time (making you feel you need to use and buy more!), high street want you to do that; Arbonne doesn't, it doesn't have toxins, dyes , poison chemicals. It wants to give you a product that is the best of the best, pure and beneficial for your skin so you can go off happy for months and months before you need to restock. I have my academy now, a reputation building, I will always make sure my clients get the best products, not because I need too, but because people deserve and need nothing less than the best!

F6 - It's clear to see that this is something you are genuinely passionate about and it's lovely to see! This isn't just your business, this is a lifestyle you have been living for years and only recently made into your career where you can pass on your experience and knowledge to others. What made you decide to set up the academy?

CM - Thank you very much! It really has become a crazy lifestyle, I love it. I never wanted to go to uni, when the time came, I didn't have a plan B, so I took on Uni. I knew I didn't want this career route, so I made business plans for my ideal business I dreamt of. My uni course is 2 years, and idea was I would launch my own business after I finish first 2 years at uni; however I kept working hard, I was enjoying what I was doing which was great, and when I looked in my bank account I had money to support myself, and when I looked at my future months I was facing, finishing first year in May, few weekends to travel down south to see my other half, then the rest I had nothing? 5 months off for summer, I didn't want to jump from job to job, so I re-looked over my business plans, defined them more, and brought it forward a year! Some people call me crazy, but while I was at uni, I also did another course to be a special education needs teaching assistant, I passed that, so that is always my career fall back which some people don't know about, but teaches them not to judge a book by its cover. just because I am blonde, doesn't make me brainless haha  and carrying on last year of uni, so I have back ups which is always essential in our century more-so today.

F6 - Wow you have plenty of plates spinning then it sounds like a crazy lifestyle but also like a lot of fun! I'm so impressed you've brought your launch date a whole year further and at the same time as your degree, and doing a separate course is incredible, you must feel very accomplished. I don't know anyone who would think you're brainless haha just perhaps a little crazy as you say (in a good way)! I know it's early days but what would you say has been the best thing about running your business so far?

CM - Thats lovely to say, thank you. Haha, I agree!! Oh that is a tricky one. The main sector which has shot up is the health side. Makes me feel great knowing I am helping more have a healthier active lifestyle, but it is more rewarding when clients message you randomly telling you how great they feel or how they have dropped another dress size  On a whole, just generally receiving such positive feedback and how I motivate others is really what I love.

F6 - Ahh that's so lovely and it's really refreshing that you have that as a priority helping people to look and feel better in themselves, to see you looking after your clients as you look after yourself is really great to see! I'm sure it'll take you far and well done on your journey so far, I get the feeling this is only the beginning for you.

CM - Thank you, very kind of you to say! Lovely talking to you, cannot wait to share more with everyone in the weeks to come!

It was lovely to meet such a lovely inspirational woman at the beginning of what sets to be a long and exciting journey for her! To find out more about McGaun's Touch Academy, check out the links below:

Image credits to McGaun.


Monday, 19 May 2014

Are you a Night Owl?

The owl has been associated with wisdom and destruction throughout history, a forewarning of bad luck and a symbol of salubrious behaviour. We asked the public to hide their physical identifier and express a facet of their true identity via a three dimensional representation of the medium of disguise.
The participant entered the darkened scene and was presented with a selection of owl masks demonstrating areas of craft and design by the artists and creators of F6.Studios.  Upon choosing their mask, the participant was invited to document their true roost.  The quiet cosy corner where they can continue their love of knowledge and learning or the darkened scene of after-hours enthrallment where the salacious behaviour of the night owl can ruffle its feathers and cause chaos from afar. 

Translation: It was just a bit of a laugh. Pick a mask. Pick your setting and props. Have your photo taken. Have fun.

All photos by Jon Meikle Photography