Tuesday, 20 May 2014

F6.Studios at The Late Shows - Part 2

Hopefully by now you've all had the chance to see our amazing 'Night Owl' pictures taken at The Late Shows by innovative photographer Jon Meikle (if not check them out).

Our other event at The Late Shows was our F6.Studios marketplace. An eclectic showcase of designer-makers at F6.Studios, ranging from fashion and textiles to graphics and urban art. Here are some pictures taken at the event...

 F6.Studio collaboration for Fashion Front Row (Kahtash, Bayly, Bad Kitty, Galvan)

Urban artist Stu donning a foil fascinator

Simone on behalf of Dabble Dabble

Visitors looking at Dabble Dabble...

...and more from Dabble Dabble

Bobby's amazing artwork

Katy Prints showing visitors her Dad's illustrated children's books

Vinyl-printed t-shirts from Ethan Clothing and artwork by Regina

Katy Prints and Doodle and Scribble (Left to right)

Melanie Kyles tailored collars and cuffs

Full house!

THAT DRESS (F6.Studios collaboration) and Stu Borbjerg artwork

As you can see there's a real vibrant mix of talented works here and it was fantastic to show our work as a community. We hope you all enjoyed your merry night and didn't mix the bar with the tattoo chair, and that you left The Late Shows feeling inspired and thoroughly entertained!

To keep up to date with the latest from our designers, keep a check on this blog and the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/F6.Studios. 

To request a commission or to buy work from any of our designer-makers, please contact us through f6.studio@gmail.com.


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