Sunday, 24 November 2013

F6.Studio's at Mr Kringle's Handmade and Vintage Emporium

Had you walked into F6.Studios any time in the past week, you would have found a handful of busy, caffeine fuelled designer-makers running around covered in threads, preparing for this weekend. The reason behind this is that yesterday was our first Christmas market. Mr. Kringle's Handmade and Vintage Emporium held at Castlegate. As well as our own table, other stalls included the charming Gentlemen Prefer Blades (traditional shaving gear from Al's Music Boutique) and Gladrags (up-cycled goods). Also there were people selling cool sock monkeys, bows, vintage clothes and furniture!

Items on our stall included Helen Rafferty's organic hard-working body scrub, super-soft hand-woven neck-warmers by Lydia Bayly, hand-made bespoke collars by Melanie Kyles, hand-painted bespoke caps by Stu Murray-Borbjerg and unique leather tissue holders by Tiago Galvan. Keeping with the festive spirit, we also sold some hand-made christmas cards and held a 'mulled wine taste-off' using Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith's recipes.

Needless to say that the cold weather and festive spirit made our mulled wine very popular. Whilst Delia's mulled wine was quite dry and mild, and Jamie's more sweet and definitely stronger. There was obviously a clear winner......Well done Jamie! 

As well as Mr Kringle's, we also have other Christmas markets coming up. The next one at The Stand Comedy Club on the 7th Dec. We're looking forward to it. 

If you like what you see or are looking for a specific gift made to order for that special someone (friend, partner, Mam, next door's cat etc.) pop along and say hello! Most of what we are selling is not available online yet so this really is a fantastic opportunity to buy a unique and personal gift, just in time for Christmas.  - MK

Saturday, 16 November 2013

G.L.A.M.O.R. by U R ART

Last night we paid a trip next door on the sixth floor of Commercial Union House to watch 'G.L.A.M.O.U,R', the debut production of U R ART (directed and produced by Pete Stevens). The performance is part of a campaign to raise awareness of mental health and challenge the stigma that surrounds it. We particularly loved the refreshing representations of four iconic women, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Marylin MonroeSylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf, and watching them exchange vodka and dark humoured conversations in  the setting of  a psychiatric's  waiting room.

The production was genuinely entertaining and extremely well written (by Holly Dalton), and our own reality is challenged as the dynamics of the story twist and turn. It highlights the complexity of those suffering from mental illness and exposes the irony of 'one solution fits all' procedures and absurd waiting times often experienced by patients.Though the subject matter is a sensitive one and something which will affect up to one in four of us, the cast deliver a humorous, witty and touching performance with a strong message that puts a fresh spin on the usual portrayal of mental health.

You can still catch G.L.A.M.O.U.R. on Floor Six of Commercial Union House (opposite Tyneside Cinema) tonight and tomorrow night at 7.30pm. Tickets are on the door and cost only £4!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Get on your 'GLADRAGS' at NUSU!

As a part of Newcastle University's annual RAG (raising and giving) week, an up and coming event we're really looking forward to seeing is 'GLADRAGS', a fashion show held at the student union which features both high-street and local designers, including Chateau Boutique, Deep, Lancelot KnightLove Niche and Melanie Kyles.

After it's great debut last year, which raised over £2000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, this year's event is in aid of the Association for International Cancer Research, and aims to raise even more through ticket sales and an AMAZING raffle! Tickets cost only a tenner and will get you a seat at the event and also a free pair of 'SMARTY PANTS' (which we will be proudly wearing over our other smarty pants...). 

We caught up with some of the GLADRAGS team earlier today to find out more about this fabulous event...

F6.Studio: Hello and thanks very much for squeezing us in for an interview, we appreciate the time, you must be so busy! So are you's excited for tomorrow?

Annelise: We're excited, I think more on the day when it all comes together, so we're going to do lots of runs in the morning, I think by the end of the day which will be run run run I want all the costume changes and runway changes to be so quick, we need to kind of time it so that everyone knows how long they've got, everyone's going to be switching into different clothes tomorrow and just perfecting the end of tomorrow I should feel calm, that's the aim of the game!

Elinor: I think tomorrow will be stressful, but once it's out the way, hopefully, then we can get excited for it!

F6: I'm sure you will! So what can we expect this year from GLADRAGS?

A: This year from GLADRAGS, new and improved GLADRAGS, 

Danielle: ...more fashion lines, better goodie bags, incredible raffle prizes

A: Yeah really good raffle prizes! I'm genuinely going to buy so many raffle tickets...

D: I want them all!

F6: So what's in the raffle?

E: We've got a table for two and a bottle of wine at Fat Buddah, a satchel worth £120 from Lancelot Knight...

A: ...15 cocktails from Jalou and cocktail masterclass from Jamjar...there's loads but we'll leave some surprises!

D: Everyone's been so generous I think if we'd gone round all the local restaurants and stuff...

A: ...everone's prepared to give something...

D: ...and everyone pretty much has, which I don't think we were expecting but we've got some really good prizes.

F6: It's amazing that people have been so generous, obviously it's for charity and last years GLADRAGS raised over £2000...

A: We're hoping to raise more than that... 

E: We sold out last year and we had 200 chairs, this year we have 300 chairs, so hopefully...

F6: Bigger and better?

E: Yeah definitely.

A: I mean last year most of our tickets sold in the few days before the show there was a sudden mad panic, we've already sold quite a lot but by next week we're going to be looking at full capacity.

F6: It'll be really exciting to see it, can't believe it's already less than a week away. Good luck with the dress rehearsals tomorrow and we'll see you at the show on Thursday!

If you're interested in getting on your fancy pants, support some local designers and earn some brownie points, tickets for GLADRAGS can still be purchased at Newcastle University's Student Union reception desk! 

To find out more about RAG Week, check out these links:




Friday, 1 November 2013

Girls on Top "Colours" - Preview at Tower Art Gallery

'Tower Art Gallery are proud to announce 'COLOURS' the first all female, graffiti exhibition in Newcastle featuring artwork from CHOCK, LUNA, LYNS, BUBS, NEONITA, PIXIE, CANDIE and REZNIK, known collectively as 'Girls On Top'.

Girls On Top crew, was formed in 2000, by Chock and Ned from Manchester, UK. At the time, there were very few girls painting graffiti. Their main goal was to unite and encourage other girls to paint, whilst having fun. 

Chock states that, "As a crew, travel and meeting new people is really important to us". Girls On Top, clearly make a priority of travel and it shows, with graffiti paintings already notched up throughout Europe, China, Russia, the United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The latest exhibition from the female collective, opens for viewing on Friday, 1st of November, at the Tower Art Gallery. Girls On Top, will explore their individual and collective love of COLOURS!'

Opening preview of 'COLOURS' starts tonight at Tower Art Gallery, 7-10pm.

Tower Art Gallery
Stepney Road,
Newcastle Upon Tyne.

NE2 1TZ 

Preview after-party up until 1am at The Tanners

The Tanners, 
1 Byker Bridge,

Come along and show your support for these inspiring lasses, girl power has never looked so colourful!

For more on the exhibition and the Tower Art Gallery, check out their website at '', where we sourced this information from.

To find out more about Girls On Top and the artists themselves, here are some more links: