Sunday, 24 November 2013

F6.Studio's at Mr Kringle's Handmade and Vintage Emporium

Had you walked into F6.Studios any time in the past week, you would have found a handful of busy, caffeine fuelled designer-makers running around covered in threads, preparing for this weekend. The reason behind this is that yesterday was our first Christmas market. Mr. Kringle's Handmade and Vintage Emporium held at Castlegate. As well as our own table, other stalls included the charming Gentlemen Prefer Blades (traditional shaving gear from Al's Music Boutique) and Gladrags (up-cycled goods). Also there were people selling cool sock monkeys, bows, vintage clothes and furniture!

Items on our stall included Helen Rafferty's organic hard-working body scrub, super-soft hand-woven neck-warmers by Lydia Bayly, hand-made bespoke collars by Melanie Kyles, hand-painted bespoke caps by Stu Murray-Borbjerg and unique leather tissue holders by Tiago Galvan. Keeping with the festive spirit, we also sold some hand-made christmas cards and held a 'mulled wine taste-off' using Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith's recipes.

Needless to say that the cold weather and festive spirit made our mulled wine very popular. Whilst Delia's mulled wine was quite dry and mild, and Jamie's more sweet and definitely stronger. There was obviously a clear winner......Well done Jamie! 

As well as Mr Kringle's, we also have other Christmas markets coming up. The next one at The Stand Comedy Club on the 7th Dec. We're looking forward to it. 

If you like what you see or are looking for a specific gift made to order for that special someone (friend, partner, Mam, next door's cat etc.) pop along and say hello! Most of what we are selling is not available online yet so this really is a fantastic opportunity to buy a unique and personal gift, just in time for Christmas.  - MK

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