Monday, 21 May 2012


In studio 9 at F6.Studios you will find Yve aka Bobu Couture. Yve is a creative customiser and up-cycler of unique shoes, accessories and clothing.

DSC09180.JPGShe specialises in creating fabulous shoes for fabulous people who want to be noticed from the feet up! She has styled many items for weddings and special occasions as well as suppling clothing for stage and theatrical wear.
She runs arts and crafts workshops in customising clothes, revitalising vintage and upcycling home-wears, if you would like to make a day of it Bobu Couture also runs crafting and making parties.
She is currently exploring custom hand-painted shoes.. working close with the wearer to create a unique and wearable art work, as well as decoupage using comic book cuttings and vintage ephemera.
DSC09186.JPGBeing Jubilee year - you can't escape the red white and blue, so check out the current collection of shoes, bags, bunting and accessories using vintage and modern findings.

DSC09188.JPGNow taking commission's .. so contact Yve at