Monday, 19 May 2014

Are you a Night Owl?

The owl has been associated with wisdom and destruction throughout history, a forewarning of bad luck and a symbol of salubrious behaviour. We asked the public to hide their physical identifier and express a facet of their true identity via a three dimensional representation of the medium of disguise.
The participant entered the darkened scene and was presented with a selection of owl masks demonstrating areas of craft and design by the artists and creators of F6.Studios.  Upon choosing their mask, the participant was invited to document their true roost.  The quiet cosy corner where they can continue their love of knowledge and learning or the darkened scene of after-hours enthrallment where the salacious behaviour of the night owl can ruffle its feathers and cause chaos from afar. 

Translation: It was just a bit of a laugh. Pick a mask. Pick your setting and props. Have your photo taken. Have fun.

All photos by Jon Meikle Photography

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