Monday, 5 August 2013

Mr Mexico - Self-taught Photographer

Mr Mexico (aka Michael Gordon) is one of our newest residents at F6.Studios. Fast making a name for himself not just regionally but nationally, he specialises mainly in portraiture, including fashion, physique and head-shots. He is impressively self-taught; this gives him a competitive edge as he creates his own rules and boundaries. Using minimalist pallets, his style is bold, streetwise and seductive. He has an ability to utilise light and texture to create an eloquent ethereal quality.

Recently Michael has been busy photographing for several clients, including Phaze Clothing which he shot last Thursday. Phaze Clothing specialises in gothic, punk, PVC, steam-punk and alternative clothing. Thursday's shoot consisted of fetish-style PVC in the form of spray on leggings, tight corsets and a Rihanna-style hooded cape. All of the clothing showcased can be found at Here are a few behind-the-scenes images of Honorata modelling the garments.

And here's a sneak peek of one of the final edits:

 To see more of Michael's work or to get in touch with him, here are a few contact details:

Phone: 07528362182

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