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Tiago Galvan for 'Move_on_Baroque'

Tiago Galvan is one of F6.Studios more lively residents. Specialising in fashion design he spends his time working on commissions and new collections. He began his studies in art and design when he was aged fourteen, paying particular attention to fabric manipulation, eventually progressing to investigating the use of science and technology in fabrics. 

His collections are very much inspired by the fusion of materials, and incorporate his interest in holistic therapies with his sensitivity towards how people react to colour and touch, elevating their moods through fabric choice.

At aged just twenty-one, Tiago launched his own fashion label, focussing mainly on limited-edition club-wear and theatrical garments. Past projects include designing and making outfits for presenters at a Mercedes Benz car launch in Germany, as well as various commissions for dance and theatre productions.

His most recent project involves creating costumes for Baroque-style dance piece 'Move_on_Baroque', which previewed on Friday in Newcastle's Dance City. The drama and gothicism of his fully lined black and red skirts contributed to the chiaroscuro style of the production, said to be inspired by Carravagio, contrasting sharply with the minimal white light. The costumes played an important role in the piece, adding visual drama and movement, which was emphasised by the sophisticated use of water in the production. Shot from an elevated angle, the images below demonstrate the pared back yet dramatic imagery created throughout the dance, and were taken by local photographer Tracy Daniel, owner of Denial Photography (

We caught up with Tiago earlier in the week. This is what he had to say on the project:

F6.Studios: The show on Friday was really interesting to watch, what made you interested in the commission for 'Move on Baroque'?

Tiago Galvan: I like to push my boundaries, and when you work on daily wear, you don't usually challenge yourself to the limit. It was a good opportunity to bring the best out of the fabrics in an unconventional way.

F6: We can see how it might be more challenging than creating a ready-to-wear dress, is the project as good as you expected?

TG: Better than I expected! I still have a dress to make. As the art council liked the show so much, they have funded Anthony Lo-Guidance to continue and to develop the fifteen minutes show to a full performance that will culminate in Italy with a cast of nine international dancers.

F6: Congratulations, sounds like it's been a great success! Do you feel encouraged to work with dance again in future?

TG: Oh yeah, I've always loved dance and theatre. I've always loved to make costumes for dancers, as you can expand yourself a bit more. It's a stage thing so you're not restricted by architecture or modern transport.

F6: So say there was no boundaries, what would be your dream commission?

TG: To be commissioned to make clothes for people in Africa that cannot afford them, specially shoes. A part of that may be so they can enjoy the things that we enjoy. Maybe it would be safe to design outrageous clothing for a classical orchestra, as they tend to dress in black. I think that the contrast would enhance the performance, and even add an element of theatre.

F6: We've seen one or two amazing costumes you've worn yourself for various parties. Costume or no costume, describe the best one you have ever been to.

TG: It was the swimming pool closing party for the demolishment of the Pal├ício Estoril Hotel where the James Bond film 'On her Majesty's Secret Service' was shot. Oh it was fantastic. It was held in the magnificent gardens surrounding the pool on the border of the Atlantic Ocean. They took all of the water out of the swimming pool so it became the dance floor, and they had lots of entertainers and there were people coming with fruit kebabs to refresh you, and at midnight we were all given a glow stick and at midnight the DJ said throw your glow sticks in the air, so at midnight everyone threw their glow sticks in the air, and it was just...fantastic. Seeing thousands of glow sticks flying in the dark was quite simple and impressive at the same time. I like to enjoy the simple things of life.

To see more of Tiago's work and keep up to date with his current projects, take a look at his Facebook page at:

To contact Tiago, he is available via email at:

Image credits to Michael McGuire and Tracy Daniel.

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