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'Centrefold' - an Animation by Ellie Land

As part of National Science Week on of our residents Ellie Land (see blog post 15th Feb) will be showing her award winning film 'Centrefold' at Tyneside Cinema on Sept 10th 6-8pm 

The film is a touching account which follows the stories of three women who have undergone labiaplasty, their voices document their thoughts and insecurities before and after the surgery. 

'Centrefold' looks at the medical but more importantly the psychological problems of what is considered normal, and doubts that media and porn seem to exacerbate. It contributes to the argument that perhaps the way womens' bodies are portrayed in the media and particularly porn can affect every day lives.

See Ellie's award-winning film 'Centrefold' by following the link below:

In addition to the film, the showing will include a panel debate with leading experts including Dr Lih Mei Liao, University London College Hospitals, Diana Mansour, Newcastle Hospitals, Dr Debrah Peacock and Ellie Land herself. We caught up with Ellie today to discuss her investigation into the ethics of labiaplasty.

F6.Studios: Watching 'Centrefold', it shows a different example of how much women's insecurities can affect their daily lives. Why was it that you decided to base an animation on the subject?

Ellie Land: Well I'd previously made a film about genital cutting and it was with women from Somalia, so it was cultural reasons you know the type I mean, FGM? So I made a film about that and then I saw in the newspapers that British women are also cutting themselves, and I was interested into finding out why they were doing it.

F6: So it's a similar subject as it is still cultural, but a different type of cutting?

EL: Exactly.

F6: I actually read an article recently of a student magazine in Australia that decided to show the female students genitals across the front page in reaction to the fact that more than 1200 Australian women undergo labiaplasty per year. Do you think that this particular surgery is becoming a bigger issue?

EL: It's really big in Australia. It has been suggested it's a growing problem as more women are getting it per year. The NHS figures have shown a rise in the number of surgeries but we don't know to the extent of how many people are getting it done privately.

F6: What do you feel were the main objectives of creating the short film, would you say to raise awareness?

EL: Yeah it was to raise awareness but also to talk about it an open way, as most women don't feel comfortable talking openly about their genitals. We talk a lot about boobs and about our bodies, but we don't really talk about our fannies! In creating the animation we are helping women become more open and comfortable in themselves and their bodies.

F6: There has been much debate recently on the moral ethics of porn magazines being easily accessible and affecting young girls, do you feel this is just as much an issue for women?

EL: Yeah because we don't see normal looking women in porn magazines, they tend to be very highly styled, often airbrushed and in an unnatural way. Often, I think that UK women don't see natural women as we don't really look at each other. Most of what we see of womens' bodies is through the media and through porn magazines, as culturally we're very private.

F6: Following the event at Tyneside Cinema, it won't be long before you go on maternity leave. Are you looking forward to the change of pace?

EL: Oh yeah definitely, it'll be interesting. I still expect I will still be working even when I am on leave on different projects.

F6: Oh my god there's no rest for the wicked!

EL: Exactly (laughs) I mean yeah it will be nice and it will be different, but I'll be doing different projects so I'm definitely looking forward to it. I'll probably end up busier once I have gone on leave!

F6: Well this is probably the last time we'll talk for a while, so good luck from everyone at the studios with your new role as a mama. 

To buy tickets for the preview event on Tuesday 10th September, you can get them at:

To see more of Ellie's work, check out her website at:

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Mobile: 07791958336

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