Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Street Revolution 

Before checking out the main event at the Art Gallery (and before it started to rain) we deeked around the outside events.

The street performances consisted of a free-runner space and a couple of lads breakdancing (and one 2year old trying to copy; too cute!!) It wasn't quite the awe striking range it was billed as but still good to watch none the less. 

Yarn Bombing at Church Square; we now know that this is the work of Hartlepool based community artist King Crumpet.

Live Spray Art by Graphic Designer & Illustrator Robert Page of Tubbyphunk Studio

The street food again not the 'food theatre' promised; a Mexican stall; the obligatory 'hog roast'; a Rosti stall (which smelled divine) and an american waffle/dessert van. It was a small selection but the food we had (burrito from Mexican stall and a ham&cheese rosti) was delicious. 

There were local designer makers in little wooden huts, great for the sellers as it kept them warm and dry but not so good for buyers as the huts were a bit dark and a tad unwelcoming. Maybe would of been better and quite possibly cheaper to get a marquee which could of housed the sellers and created additional 'gallery' space on the outside. Our pick of the makers were:

                  KAYLEIGH FALCUS: Jewellery Designer

See our previous post with Kayleigh & the CCAD Gradution Shows and check out more designs from this talented lady at; 

                     Jessica Langford & Lucy Addison Contemporary Appplied Artists

JESS LANGFORD                                         LUCY ADDISON
jesslangford.blogspot.com                          Lucypurple.blogspot.com             
twitter: @jessicajewelery                            Lucyaddo@hotmail.om
instagram: langfordd

The main event:- 

(Now Urban Art isn't my area, I have no idea what I'm talking about; so this isn't a review!)

The exhibition includes work by Banksy, Urban photography, interpretation of Freud’s ” Head of a woman” by New York artists Logan Hicks, and works by global artists supplied by Unit44 – including work by Faile, Kid Acne, Herakut, Hush and Invader.
NEUA provided a lot of work for this exhibition with new pieces by some of NEUA’s artists (Karl Striker, Sam Wood, Oltad, Miss Dev and TEOS).

 'Collabor 8' by Mark Archer; Bobzilla; Joshua Doherty


'God Damn Scary Kids'  by Bobzilla


'Censored Beauty: despair'  by IrvingArt                                       

                     'In This Area' by Karl Stricker   

'Everything Has Beauty' by MissDev 

'Paint Spun Acrylic' by Bobzilla and The Kid Frankie
Firstly apologies for the photo quality of this one.
Secondly, I over heard several people saying this is a 'Hirst rip off', 'Hirst did this first' etc.  Well I remember doing this in primary school 20plus years ago so I'm not sure Hirst can claim copyright!

Ok this blogpost is taking ages and is longer than expected so i'll post the rest later

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  1. Hi guys! I'm the yarn bomber for the Street Revolution. You can check out my work over at www.facebook.com/KingCrumpet or http:// KingCrumpet.blogspot.com :) x