Sunday, 8 September 2013

Newcastle Quayside Market

The market runs along the banks of the Newcastle side of the Tyne, and features a whole load of fabulous local creative talents. Heres a selection of the best stalls from today.


The Northumbrian Fudge Parlour - Deliciously Handcrafted with local ingredients 

Our fav is the Caramel.....and the peanut butter!

Contact Debbie on 079719132334
Find them on Facebook /TheFudgeParlour or Twitter @TheFudgeParlour


Supremily Jewellery - aka Emily Jane Adam - Polymer Clay Artist and Jewellery Designer

Our favourite item on todays stall was these super cute crochet hooks. 

Shop online at 
Visit website at
 Facebook /supremilyjewellery or Twitter @Supremily1


NO BONES - Quality Canine Confectionery


Love your dog.......then treat it to some fancy yummy doggy treats   or Facebook /No Bones Quality Canine Confectionery


Top Hat Teacakes - Devine Handmade Teacakes 

Meet the stunning Casey Lam owner and creator of Top Hat Teacakes....  
Here at F6.Studios, we're not a big fan of that well known vastly produced commercial variety but could gobble up several of these TopHat beauties...and indeed we do!! 

Find Casey on Twitter @TopHatTeacakes  on Facebook /TopHat Teacakes
 or check out her website


The *TeaShed - A Design led Tea and Homeware company


Fresh from a stint in Fenwicks Food Department. The *TeaShed uses quality whole tea leaves wrapped in silky pyramid bags, which are imported from Sri Lanka and then packaged with some cool designs for you to enjoy. 

They also help promote young designers (which is always good in our book) Using their designs to produce limited edition homewares.    

Check them out at  or   Twitter @The_TeaShed

.........they also have a fabulous blog -       


Quotation Candles - Handmade as always

Meet Shirley Cable who creates colourful cocktails of candles..... 
Our favourites are the inspirational quote candles...(which i failed to get a photo of..sorry!)
     you can reach her on 07538073845 or find her on the Quayside market every Sunday


Paris & Angels  - Art & Angelics

You know the stalls you find in Paris along the banks of the Seine at Quai St Michel - yeah those ones:  Well we have our very own along the banks of the Tyne. 

Its run by Paul Bruce and stocks a wonderful mix of authentic artisan Parisian products.

    email him at or 
                           find him on the Quayside market every Sunday (unless its raining)


Bria Organics - 100% Natural 

This is Lee Heads owner of Bria Organics. Unable to find a natural treatment for her son's ecezma, she trained in natural skincare and devised her own unique recipes.

We already use her chapped skin balm which, comes in very handy after a day using nasty drying inks & chemicals in the print room- it soon gets our little mitts feeling normal again.

Today one of our Directors- Helen (who has psoriasis) tried the Eczema & dry skin balm.
 ' Within minutes my red, flaky skin was soothed and calmed, and remained so for hours. 
     no need to re-apply every five minutes like some creams and a little goes a long way'

It is also now widely used by Doctors and Nurses and recommended by some hospitals

check out her website for outstanding reviews and testimonials   

           find her on Twitter @BriaOrganics  or  Facebook /BriaOrganics


Geordie Banger Co - Handcrafted Sausages

What can we say, quality delicious handcrafted sausages from a 3rd generation butchering family.  Always a firm favourite for F6.Studios barbecues and communal meals.

Check out their Facebook page if only for the Geordie Banger Tyne Bridge photo from this mornings market....

                      Facebook /GeordieBangerCo     or     Twitter @GeordieBanger


Fruit and Veg Man

This is really bad but i don't know the name of Fruit and Veg man, even though i'm there every week buying his cucumbers. All grown in his allotment, they may not be the prettiest looking but they are by far the tastiest....and cheaper than the supermarkets!! 

Last week we paid 2 whole pounds for a huge (and we mean huge) bag of greenhouse tomatoes, all different kinds, we made roasted tomatoes and garlic soup. Far nicer than any shop bought one and way cheaper!

Today our Director Helen bought a huge (and again yes we mean HUGE) cucumber (yes she is obsessed with them!?) for 50p..... 50p dont even buy a half of a one in most supermarkets these days.

  Find him down the Quayside every Sunday, comes rain, hail, or sunshine!

David Nash - Leather Goods

This guy has some serious banter, hilarious, we could listen to his craic all day! 
Along with the banter he sells his handmade leather goods from purses to pouches to ipod cases....all with their own humorous signage.

    Find him in his usual spot at the far end of the Quayside market and as the sign says                   in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Rome and Blyth (but mainly Blyth)


Prince of Pies - Proper Pies

This is another of our firm favourites, indeed as i write this blog post, I am scoffing one of their Steak and Stilton pies I bought today! Aswel as being at the Quayside market they were at Wolsingham show...they get around!

  check out where they will be next on Twitter @PrinceOfPie_s


The Smoking Barbecue Company 

 This little stall always has a queue, always gives off that smell which instantly makes your mouth water and is always sold out early. We can highly recommend  the Hickory Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs and the Pulled Pork, ah who are we kidding  we recommend it all.......   or   Twitter @SmokinBbqNE


Poppy Likes Dresses - Vintage Clothing

Probably not the best photos i've ever taken, they just don't show the fabulousness (yes it's a word) of the skirts, dresses, trousers, jumpers, blouses and coats.  
The best selection of vintage Levis Jeans and Jackets in town without the 'vintage' prices...

        Twitter @poppydresses   or Facebook / poppy likes dresses


..............and that concludes our review of this weeks Newcastle Quayside Market

For more info about Newcastle Markets go to   or   Twitter @Nclmarkets  


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