Monday, 22 July 2013

"Drawings An' That"

If you happen to be in Newcastle City-centre over the next couple of days, worth a look in is the debut solo exhibition of Katie Chappell, illustrator here at F6. Studios. The illustrations are displayed on the second floor of the library next to the cafe, and include a range of drawings presenting her favourite places in Newcastle as well as other drawings from 2011-2012. Chappell graduated from Sunderland University with her degree in Illustration & Design in 2012, and she continues to create illustrations for a range of clients, which have included The Crack Magazine, Julie Hodgson (children's illustrator) and Charles Gillman Cosmetics Paris to name a few.

Below is a picture of her 'Sad Owl' illustration which is part of the current exhibition. Her drawings have a distinct naive and graphic quality which range from simplistic black and white images to more colourful, lively pieces, with pen and ink being her weapons of choice. On Katie's 'About Me' page on her website, she states 'I really love urban sketching and organise Sketch Crawls in and around Newcastle' showing how her passion for the drawings she does and her love of the city influences the work she does.

Below are some photographs from the current exhibition, showing 'The Grainger Market', 'The Cumberland Arms', 'The Cluny' and 'Tea Sutra' from around Newcastle. To see which other parts of Newcastle Katie has drawn, whether it be your favourite cafe, street or landmark, her playfully earnest animal drawings or just for a visit, the opening times for the exhibition are 8.30am-8.00pm.

To see more of Katie's work and up-and-coming projects, her are some links to keep you in the know:

She generally works on commissions, so if there's anything you'd like her to draw, don't be shy in dropping her a message!

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