Monday, 1 July 2013

Northern Creative Solutions (NCS)

We recently had a couple of our talented artists here at F6. Studios showcasing their work at 'The Art Trail' exhibition at Broadacre House, organised by NCS. Each artist was given a space to respond to, which ranged from walls to cupboards to elevators, and the results were inspiring to see!

Lucie Cox from F6. Studios showed off her work on a rotating filing system and hanging from ceiling lights. Her work demonstrates the vulnerability of relationships, writing quotes such as 'You hid all traces of indifference with semi-affectionate gestures' and 'cant you see past one exterior?' onto luggage tags, and combining text with her photography and small items for a sensitive, witty and thought-provoking exhibit.

Stu Murray-Borbjerg is another one of our artists at F6. Studios, and he combines figurative drawing with multi-media mark making which results in a contemporary, street appearance with undertones of expressionism. The nature of his work means his paintings work particularly well on such a large scale, and his juxtaposition of aggressive brush strokes with  fine text makes a refreshing and engaging piece of art.

Also worth a mention is Jane Park who works on floor 2 of Commercial Union House, who utilised her elevator space to great effect! Her installation piece included plenty of live leafy plants and part of a wooden fence to create a garden environment, and she has created a great visual backdrop by layering numerous fabric samples, creating a wonderful bohemian contrast with the surrounding space.

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