Monday, 15 July 2013

"Fashion Northumbria" 2013

The Northumbria degree exhibition was a hotbed of creativity of emerging fashion designers, communicators and marketers. Their defined aesthetics and confidence in their areas of specialism were confirmed by the range of work displayed, which included unique concepts such as sports lingerie and fashion-focussed skiwear. We believe here at F6. Studios in supporting local talent, and these recent graduates certainly don't disappoint!

'Our mountains are our catwalk' - Aimee Beagrie

Challenging general perceptions of how skiwear should appear, Beagrie's distinctive prints are fresh, colourful and have a loose expressive style. The prints reflect the concept of the garments, "digitally manipulating the idea of snowboarders and skiers movements to create mark making". Her previous experience includes working for the prestigious British brand Burberry as a CAD designer, and her work has received praise by Katie White of 'The Ting Tings', who stated "her prints really stood out, they are really beautiful" in her 'Search for new design talent'. Check out her website

'Bustia' - Jasmine Ives-Keeler

Fashion marketing student Ives-Keeler has created her brand 'Bustia' based on the idea of combining sportswear and lingerie for a multi-purpose garment. The block coloured cups paired with bold, graphic prints give a unique urban edge to the sports-lingerie, a fusion of styles that has rarely worked so successfully together. 'Bustia' promotes body confidence both at the gym and in the bedroom, and if we're honest there's not many sports-bras on the market that look this good. Find the full range on

'Littlenistas' - Maria Sandra Wijaya

'Littlenistas', the luxury children's wear brand created by fashion marketing student Maria Sandra Wijaya is bold, contemporary and retro in its design. Although the clothes are very colourful with a playful appearance, Wijaya's clothes are made sophisticated by creating prints which do not appear exclusively designed for children's wear — they could be just as easily applied to womenswear with their pin-prick polka-dots and block repeats, making them perfect for fashion-forward little madams!

'Little Spoon' - Hannah Bourne

Another children's wear designer Hannah Borne, has also designed smart, colourful and fashion-forward clothing for young girls. Apart from the sweet, simple designs, one of the great things about Bourne's brand 'Little Spoon' is that it prides itself on longevity, not being exclusively trend-orientated but creating garments that have the quality of "growing with your child", with the option of lengthening or expanding certain areas of the garments, a quality that is bound to come in useful! Find her latest work at

Wingspan - Amie Read

Read's business 'Wingspan' specialises in luxury luggage and travel bags, and the muted yet richly coloured pallet makes it a versatile choice for any destination. She states the bags are designed to adhere to the individuals needs depending on the holiday or trip, with individual inside pockets labelled for 'take off' or 'landing'. In addition to their timeless, luxury designs, Wingspan help support the local economy by recognising the quality and craftsmanship of British workers and by having most products manufactured here in the North-East of England.

Omen Publications - Katie Griffin

Fashion marketing student Katie Griffin taps into one of it's growing areas in the form of a think-tank publication which forecasts fashions future trends. Many established design companies gain insight and knowledge on up-and-coming trends through publications of this nature, but Griffin's company is 'aimed at individuals working or interested in what is creative'. The company will offer futuristic animated imagery and videos to bring themes to life, and the first issue focusses on 'the unbound admiration of the structure of the world' through exploring the contributions of maths, science and technology. Find 'Issue 01' free on her Tumblr at

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