Saturday 5 October 2013

Stu Murray-Borbjerg's Bespoke Caps

If you haven't already heard us mention Stu (he has been part of the 'F6' family for over a year), let us give you a brief introduction to his work. He specialises in large scale pieces that have a distinct street-art feel, and he achieves their textural and emotive quality thorough the use of mixed-media. Here are some pictures from when we interviewed him in his studio earlier today:

Quite recently, Stu has been given the challenge of working on something far smaller than the large canvases he's used to, in the form of individually painted caps. Using masking and electric tapes as resist, he implores similar techniques as his larger scale work by layering spray paints and using chalks and acrylics to create wearable, personable art.

We spoke to Stu earlier today to discuss his latest project...

F6.Studios: Hi Stu! How are you?

Stu Murray-Borbjerg: I'm alright, how are you?

F6: Good thanks! Tell us about your new project and how you went from doing canvases to doing caps?

SM: Well I suppose it's not really as though I went from doing large canvases, I mean, it's always kind of been something that I did...about a year ago I tried one and made it for myself. I wear a lot of caps, I wear a lot of hats and stuff (laughs) people know me by my caps so it wasn't such a major transition.

F6: Do you find it challenging going from such a large scale to scaling it down to the size of a cap?

SM: Yeah, yeah it is, it's a different type of challenge as I'm quite gestural because I work so big in the paintings that I do. It tends not to be so much accurate detailing, it's gestural work and strong brush strokes, and, er, yeah energetic whereas this I have to be patient or meticulous in the way that I go about the practice of it.

F6: Sounds good, so the caps that you've done so far, what are the stories behind them?

SM: Well like I said it was just about a year ago I made the first cap for myself, and I bought some more in they were kinda just sitting in my studio, and I thought you know what, I'm gonna have a play round with these. Been looking at the idea of identity in fashion and art,  people's identities and how they choose to express themselves, so I played around with this first cap that I've got here, and I posted it up and people got interested and said  oh commissions, commissions, commissions! Make me one, I want this, want this, then I get to know their personalities, get to know what colours reflect who they are, and kind of get their sort of style, and I'll try and reflect that in the work I put on the caps.

F6: That's great I bet you'll get a lot of people coming up to you nearer Christmas, asking for personal gifts.

SM: Maybe I will, we'll see nearer Christmas!

F6: Wait and see! Do you have any plans on top of the ones you already have?

SM: Yeah I'm doing these in series, I mean they've very commercial, you know it's not something I would say is a reflection of the type of thing I already do, but I mean if people like them, people wanna buy them I'll continue to make them.

F6: I think they definitely reflect your style, like your drawing and painting style. You can see your larger work on the caps.

SM: Oh good, good yeah I'm glad to hear that my style's translated from the walls to the caps.

F6: It translates well. Looking round your studio you have a few curiosities, please explain the monkey costume in the corner with the duck mask.

SM: The monkey costume in the corner with the duck mask? Erm...well the monkey costume is a six and a half foot furry monkey costume, and I'm just over five foot, so as you can imagine I didn't really fit into it. I woke up in it one morning and no idea where it came from to be honest, it's story unknown. It's sort of lived in the studio it's been my pet in the corner...

F6: Complete with a ducks face...

SM: Complete with a ducks face, it's a hybrid, you know, a new species! The duck mask was just a play thing, you know I liked having a laugh and the Ugly Duckling reminds me of my time in Denmark as well, obviously written by Danish writer, Hans Christian Anderson. So I kind of put that on myself, and now this is the hybrid monkey duck in the corner of my studio...he doesn't do much but he's company on an evening!

F6: He fits in the room quite nicely! Thanks for inviting us into your studio, it's been lovely to talk to you and hope all goes well with your cap commissions.

For anyone wanting to contact Stu with enquries, here are some details:

Mobile - 07889351299

Email -

To see more of Stu's work, check out his album on the NE1 Art Collective Facebook page:

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