Wednesday 16 October 2013

Northern Design Festival - A Cup of Attaya

As a part of the North East annual Northern Design Festival, I decided to head down to B&D Studios to check out one of the current exhibitions, 'A Cup of Attaya'. I'd previously met company founder Lalya Gaye last week, where I misleadingly whacked her bouncy strawberries on the wall (I felt rather sheepish when I realised they weren't actually to be whacked...), but today, warmly welcomed me with a cup of delicious West-African Attaya tea and Swedish chocolate biscuits, I spoke to her to find out what Attaya Projects is really about.

After about a decade of moving between research, teaching and freelance work, Lalya discovered how much she loved the installation aspect of digital media arts. She set up 'Attaya Projects' (named after the delicious West-African tea) as a platform for like minded digital creatives to network and showcase their works. The company also offers consultation for the designers and workshops to those interested in learning more about digital media arts. Lalya's own work is inspired by the connection between physical and digital, and she has worked with sound, fabric, steel and urban space including trees.

'A Cup of Attaya' is a showcase of some of the work created by Attaya Projects, and includes electronic textiles by Teresa Alme, and a top secret (well bit of a secret) project with local designer Bettina Nissen involving a 3D printer and a ukulele...

On Thursday 17th Oct you can take part in an interactive live text stream with Andrew Wilson. Just pop into B&D Studios, say hello to Andrew and have a read of the instructions, then wander around Newcastle and text him whatever curiosities you may come across. As there are numerous mime artists, buskers and street musicians etc on Northumberland Street nowadays, including the infamous 'funky bassist' who dropped in to say hello during our chat, there is sure to be enough goings on to keep a lively and engaging stream...if you need any more persuading, there will also be free cake!

All photos copyright at Attaya Projects

To find out more, check out these links:

Twitter: @AttayaProjects

Written by Melanie Kyles.

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