Tuesday 15 October 2013

Make and Mend Market

Last Saturday we took a wander down to the Make and Mend Market at Grainger Market. It's on every month and alternates between Grainger and The Star and Shadow Cinema (Ouseburn). It always worth a look in as it's a complete mix of talented local artists and craftsmen. Here's some of our favourites. 

First up is one of our F6 members (not that we're biased) Chris Folwell AKA Dabble Dabble.


Chris is a Newcastle based freelance illustrator and print maker. He can be found at many a local market selling his handmade silk screen limited edition prints. He's also happy to work on local or community based projects. Have a read about his work here http://dabble-dabble.tumblr.com/ (go on they're truely brilliant) or chat to him on twitter @Dabble_Dabble


Nigel Maughan, The man behind 'March Hare Cartoons'. Now these aren't just your average Zines they range from 'Granny Sooker and her talking Verruca' to 'Lassie, the adventures of a border sheep farmers wife'. Alternative and funny. Guaranteed to raise a giggle.   


Then there was 'What Mammy Made Next'. Taking recycling and upcycling as their inspiration two mums take on the craft world making vintage themed items for around the home. We loved the paper brooches and rings. 



Purple Magpie - These guys use polymer clay to create cute novelty jewellery. They're also known for manipulating the odd record or two into a funky clock or decorative bowl. 


Tin Can Sally - These beautiful pieces are handmade from pop cans. She upcycles something seen as an everyday item, transforming it into stunning unique statement       jewellery. 



Ben Holland - Ben is an artist and illustrator. He creates unbelievably fine detailed drawings using pen and ink. Have a look through his work and your sure to recognise more then a few local buildings. Amazing.


Jessica Catherine - These pieces are absolutely beautiful handmade ceramics. She sells a range of products from jewellery, homeware and gifts. If you ask nicely she may even customize an item especially. 



Last but most definitely not least, the Make and Mend organising Queen - Brittany Coxon. This wonderful market is all thanks to Brit who took over as organiser. BUT not only does she do that, she also sells her handmade greetings cards. We had some on display at our Late Shows event back in May and they practically sold out. The Wonder Woman card being a particular hit. Fun, quirky and worth the money.


If you like what you see check out the next one - Sat 2nd November (Grainger again)
We recommend it. 

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  1. Thanks for the amazing post - the photos are stunning.

    "Make and Mend organising Queen" you're too kind - stallholders deserve all the credit for being fantastic. Was lovely to see you.