Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Lady Gaga 'V's Elton John

This Wednesday on 25th June, we're going along to a very special and colourful event that is happening at Centurion Bar in aid of HIV awareness charity 'Body Positive North East'. The show, which kicks off at 7pm, will include a wealth of talent and entertainment with Elton and Gaga tribute acts, hosted by the wonderfully unique Crystal Meth and with our very own scissor wizard Tiago Galvan providing the larger than life costumes.

Last night we were privileged to have been invited along to the group meeting to get a bit of an inside scoop. Firstly a few final costume preparations at F6.Studios and testing the corsets (we even managed to get videographer 'Klunky' into one) and getting everything ready to head over to Centurion Bar for the performers to check out. Lots of latex, ruffles and glitter was involved, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow's show to see the complete looks in all of their glory!

When we arrived, we were introduced to the performers Maltese Elton (Paul Gatt), Malaysian Elton (Jeffri Ramli) and Gaga (Jemma Jenkins). Also there was compĂ©re Crystal Meth, Sean Murphy of Body Positive North East and a few others working behind the scenes. We don't want to give too much away, but just a few things to look forward to include a special raffle to win tickets to see Elton John at the Metro Radio Arena (donated to the charity by Elton himself), a selfie with the stars competition to win £50 of Eldon Square vouchers, and the fabulous 'camp police', making sure we're all on our best behaviour!

We can't wait to let our hair down at this fantastic event, which is set to be fabulous in every way though carries an important message. HIV in society nowadays is still seen as a taboo subject, and a one which some believe only applies to the gay community and 3rd world countries so doesn't personally affect them. The truth is, HIV is passed on the same as chlamydia, and 55% of people living with HIV are straight, busting outdated perceptions of the virus. Worryingly, there are 1500 people in the North East who have HIV, and 22% are not aware they have the virus.  With such a high number undiagnosed this is likely to lead to an increase of people living with HIV. Hopefully, with the money raised from the show and a little presentation on the charity at the start of the event, people feel more aware of the virus and more able to talk about HIV without stigma or prejudice.

We're looking forward to what's set to be a night to remember, and with live camp entertainment, flowing drinks, witty banter and a fantastic cause, what's not to love?!



  1. It looks like you all had a fun filled day down at the studio.


  2. Looking fabulous. How cime al, the good stuff is on a school night. Have fun. Xxxx