Wednesday, 26 March 2014

IDa4 Exhibition Party

Work hard, play harder! That was the motto last Saturday where a number of us from F6.Studios ventured down to floor 3 to attend IDa4's exhibition party. With local graffiti artists spraying 'Max the Van' round the back of Commercial Union House as well as a private birthday held on floor 4, the building had truly transformed from workplace to adult's playground in less than a few hours. With local bands, the city's biggest drag queens (including the beloved Mutha Tucka, Beauty Killer and Crystal Meth from Tucka's Tours), live performances and a brilliant selection of IDa4 work up for grabs, the fundraiser was truly a spectacle to behold.

Fundraising came not only from the art sales and a raffle for limited edition Sochi Olympics canvases, but also from the flamboyant shot queens (strong jelly vodka with raspberries) and a campaign to release a poor lass tied to an electric chair...

Anyways back to IDa4 and their amazing multi-layered stencil art, which features famous people and local characters alike. You may have heard of them more in recent news with the hype that surrounded their now famous Sochi Olympic artwork, which depicts a Russian policeman pinning down an LGBT protester. It was picked up by the BBC, Sky News and The Guardian before going a bit viral (they had emails from all over the world and as far as Australia), and it also helps they recently spent a number of months travelling around Europe (9 countries so far) and leaving their mark in exchange for hostel accommodation! Their time back in Newcastle has been spent gathering more funds to go travelling and to share their artwork with the rest of Europe.

Below is some of the work that was on sale at the event, we think the quote stencils in particular are genius.

It was also great to see some other independent local spray artists getting involved with the cause, impressively spending the entire night spray painting 'Max the Van', the van that has travelled over Europe with IDa4. Although it was a bit chilly as the night wore on, it was worth it to see these talented guys at work! 

To keep up with IDa4, check out the links below:

To donate towards their trip around Europe, you can do so through their Travolta page:

Finally, if anyone is interested in owning an original limited-edition canvas (only ten made, measures 80cmx60cm) of IDa4's famous Olympic statement piece, there are still eight left up for grabs, and 50% of the money will be donated to Stonewall charity!


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