Monday, 27 January 2014

'Outside the Lines' at Tower Art Gallery

Last Friday we paid a visit to the Tower Art Gallery, which is ran by F6 resident and urban artist Rob (pictured below looking very dapper) and which also held Newcastle's first all-girl graffiti exhibition, Girls on Top ( The gallery is currently exhibiting the work of local extreme photographer Lucinda Grange to promote her new book, 'Outside the Lines'. At only twenty-five years old, Grange has experienced thrills that would make Evel Knievel green with envy (well maybe not quite, but her death-defying photography has captured the attention of GQ Magazine...).

Some of Grange's work involves her perched on the edge of iconic structures such as the eagles of the Chrystler building and the Manhattan Bridge in New York, and standing in the  abandoned house of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

I was lucky enough to talk to Grange about some of the stories behind her photography, and was amazed by her brushes with death and her absolute lack of fear. The story that stood out most was when she travelled to Cairo at a time of great unease, when violence was rife and curfews were strict. She discussed how she managed to get the images of Max and herself on top of the Great Pyramid of involved sneaking into the pyramid, hiding in a tomb only inches from a guard armed with a very large gun, and waiting till the coast was clear before climbing on top of the pyramid...and taking her clothes off (not on this particular image). Grange is not shy of a naked photo or two, as she has also been photographed naked at the top of the Manhattan Bridge.

Here are some of the pictures from her exhibition:

House of the Bulgarian Communist Party

Time Square

Manhattan Bridge

Notre Dame

Carpe Diem

And here is a cheeky pic of our F6 directors, Helen (left) and Lydia (right).

It's not too late to see more of Grange's photography at the Tower Art Gallery, and she's even doing an Artists Talk there on Saturday 1st February at 2pm for only £4. Alternatively, here is a few links to some of her work:


- MK

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