Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas market at The Stand

So on Saturday we set up again for our 2nd Christmas market. This time at The Stand Comedy Club. It was a great venue and we had a bit more footfall at this one. We were even briefly entertained with some live music, although it was a teeny bit loud for us (they were on the stage next to Chris). 

For this one we had another addition to the table from last time. Kate Dunn (artist, currently working on a commission, tell you more about that later) brought along some of her photographs. These included some beautiful double exposures using old skool real film.    

It was a pretty good day overall but the highlight was selling some Christmas cards to Ben Crompton from Game of Thrones. Just thought I'd throw that in there, not that we're bragging....much.Any slightly obsessive fans out there - do you want buy some Christmas cards as touched by Ben Crompton? Let us know. LB

The Stand Comedy Club
31 High Bridge, Newcastle

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