Saturday, 21 April 2012


Welcome to F6.Studios


This is what we old call centre

F6. Studios is a Community Interest Company. The company was established to design and manage a project that would make good use of the Rear of the 6th Floor of Commercial Union House.  White Box Projects has signed a master lease with the owners of CU House, covering 5 floors of space, and the White Box vision is to transform the building into city centre creative hub with a range of diverse organisations and creative practices using space to develop their work.  
we aim to;

·        Provide affordable space for emerging artists in the wider community.
·        Provide information and support to individuals needing to access art services.
·        Advance education by providing access to mentoring by resident artists.
We recognise that, for many design artists, accessing a support network is difficult.  F6.Studios proposes to use the rear of Floor 6 as a Resource Centre with a range of spaces serving a variety of needs.  There’ll be individual self contained making spaces, a common use space with shared equipment, and we are working in partnership with the Front of Floor 6, (which is the home of the Newcastle Performance Collective), to develop a front-of-building shared hub area with hot desk facilities.

As important to F6.Studios as providing affordable making space is the opportunity for design artists to collaborate, network and access advice.  F6.Studios will work with partner organisations throughout Commercial Union House to develop these opportunities, as well as collaborating to organise exhibitions, selling events and networking.

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